Deep Learning Solution

          Deep Learning Solution for Social Distancing Management on Shop Floor

                                             A technology solution to ensure safety from human behavior.


Social Distancing: The year 2020 introduced us to the words “Social Distancing”. In fact, those two words have become a new “mantra” from homes to workplaces. It’s not possible for all types of employees to work from home. Some employees like shop floor workers must be in their work facility.


When one is amidst work, it is possible that this social distancing is overlooked/breached. So keeping such practical issues in mind, SeaportAi, a cutting edge AI company, has developed a tech enabled Smart Social Distancing Solution.


As part of this solution, a live video is monitored continuously and each person’s distance to the other nearest person is tracked using deep learning image recognition framework.


Whenever social distancing distance is breached, a trigger is enabled through an alarm in the shop floor. This Smart IoT Framework is helping the manufacturing industry to get back to normal working environment.


SeaportAi has successfully deployed this solution in a large manufacturing company in India.


This simple solution can help ensure business continuity besides ensuring the health of the workforce.

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